Winter can be beautiful in Maryland... with scenic snowfall that looks like something from a Christmas card. You may be prepared for winter weather, but if your Mazda car or SUV isn't ready for the elements, you could find yourself stranded by the road in a bone-chilling blizzard. Don't let that happen to you. Do like people in Annapolis, MD and Washington, DC do, and bring your vehicle in for service at Fitzgerald Mazda of Annapolis. We have certified technicians in our service center that can winterize your car so that its safe and dependable, regardless of what Mother Nature throws at you. We also offer service specials that can save you money this winter.

Battery Checks and Replacements

Your Mazda car or SUV may be running fine now, but it may struggle to perform when the mercury dips if you don't get it serviced. Let the factory-trained mechanics at Fitzgerald Mazda of Annapolis assist you. We've been helping drivers in Baltimore and Pasadena winterize their vehicles for quite some time, so we can certainly help you, too. When the cold weather arrives, your car may struggle to start. Bring it Fitzgerald Mazda of Annapolis and have your battery checked. If its too weak, your battery may not have the cranking amps needed to start your vehicle on frigid days. We can charge up your battery or replace it with a winter-specified battery, if necessary.

Tire Service

The air pressure and tread in your tires is especially critical this time of year. The chilly temperatures in winter can cause the pressure per square inch (PSI) to drop to unsafe levels. Our service professionals can check the air pressure in your tires and add air if necessary. If the tread has worn down, you may not get good traction on icy or snow-packed roads. The Mazda Tire Center at Fitzgerald Mazda of Annapolis carries a full line of tires that are just right for your Mazda model. Some tires come with road hazard coverage, and our technicians provide expert installation so you can feel confident about your car's footing in inclement weather.

Windshield Sealants

Being able to see out of your vehicle is critical when snow and sleet falls. The experts in Fitzgerald Mazda of Annapolis' service center can apply a windshield sealant to help the rain or freezing precipitation fall right off your car with ease. Better visibility can help you prevent accidents when the weather is rough, and our team will do whatever is necessary to keep you safe this winter. We know people in Laurel are busy, so we make it fast and simple to set up an appointment with our online Schedule Service form. Don't wait till the first snow falls - bring your Mazda car or SUV to Fitzgerald Mazda of Annapolis to have it winterized today.

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